Recovery is possible.

Hi everyone Billy here from FM45,

As I start this Blog I’m going to be brutally honest here with some of my own past. So that it helps you understand the times before I tell you someone else’s story. I’m 46yrs old worked in the Construction Industry a good part of my working life & the Merchant Navy.

It was requisite to get pissed every wknd after a hard weeks graft on the sites. Or when it was my week off from the Ship I was on, my car would be parked forward and aft at my local Pub for days ( a standing joke with regulars). Well I worked in the Engine Room I was entitled to refuel with fluids. I had hit recreational drugs I grew up in the 90’s after all. I had dabbled with blow, ecstasy, speed and later cocaine.

For the record this was always at the wknds. The only drug I was ever addicted to was smoking cigarettes! I quit smoking when my son was born he’s now 10 and happy to say I’m still off them, had the odd one or two over that time, celebrations or funerals normally was the reason. I couldn’t go back on them it makes me want to be physically sick.

I’m going to tell you about Stephanie Reilly this is her story :

I visited Steph as she is known to her friends and family at her lovely home this evening. Talking about fitness and my own problems with Mental Health over the year’s I find easy. I’m asking someone here to bare the past and dare I say some of their soul too – I was nervous as hell.

Steph how and when did it all start? Billy it started when I was about 19 but obviously didn’t realise until I was much older. Steph said those earlier years were all pretty much a blur at the time! Another hard question Steph, when were you hitting it the hardest?

Steph paused for a while before answering this one, I took a quick drink of my tea that was kindly made for me. After a minute or so Steph goes about 9 year’s ago when I was hammering it the most. I then asked how much? A little sigh and Steph replies cocaine and a litre of Vodka a day!

As I was asking Steph these rather hard and personal questions her two dogs Frank and Dave then stole the show. Frank is a black Pug and Dave is a beast of Tyme Bulldog . Well Frank was only trying to pile drive Dave it was like David v Goliath. Hysterics followed straight after as I nearly sprayed my tea all over. Steph comments could you imagine the pups? I was doubled over laughing…..

This helped me relax a bit more as I felt really conscious asking Steph about a very hard time in her life! A litre of vodka and cocaine a day is hammering it ‘large’ – it was a saying from the 90’s. I asked Steph how did you manage to operate? Billy the cocaine was for the initial high and the vodka was to help take the edge of it.

Steph told me that her son found a bottle of vodka in her bag one day and he begged me to stop. Billy I couldn’t stop I was on an emotional rollercoaster and physically I couldn’t stop it not even for my own son. ( As a parent I’d like think to think I’d do anything for my son but life’s never straight forward or easy )

I asked Steph if she knew what the contributing factor was behind her abuse of drink & drugs? It was the relationship with her husband she told me, he was controlling and manipulative had been for years but didn’t want to admit to herself at the time. Steph went into rehab early 2016 for 3 months and come out clean got back home and relapsed after finding a small present in her home. Steph said he would say to her you’ll never see your son again and so on.

Steph went back into rehab for 5 months in an attempt to get her life back. The 6th of September 2019 is Steph’s 3yr anniversary of being clean and sober. Steph lives at home with her son and the family pets. The biggest thing Steph says she enjoys the most is the feeling of being truly happy and content in her life now. Steph also goes to Yoga two times a week and she says it’s great fun and aims to keep it up.

Stephanie Reilly says if one person can relate and get help from her story then it’s worth doing the Blog Billy….

My own personal note: I believe what Steph has overcome with her addictions is truly inspiring. Here’s living proof that recovery is possible!

I also asked Steph if she would be an ambassador for FitnessMomentum45 and she has kindly accepted. Steph fought her battles and won I respect that strength to overcome the odds.

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