Inspiration all around… Diabetes Type 2 beat and 5 stone lost…


It’s Tuesday at 21:20 in the McKie den, yep I tend to do my Blogs when everyone is bedded ( the house is still ). I can focus on what I’m going to put down, sometimes when trying to work, be a dad and husband I can rush them a “tadge”.

I don’t want to rush this one as it’s very close to home, I’m currently doing a Blog on an amazing man, who has lost shed loads of weight, changed his eating habits and exercised to defeat Diabetes Type 2. Not a big thing to some people yeh in the scheme of thing’s, well it was ” fucking ” massive to him. Not just him but his ” family ” and friends also, I suppose that’s why he was determined to win this battle. All the more inspiring is when you find out his age, all to be revealed soon enough….

Remember little victories win Wars after all…..

So while doing this I was talking to my long suffering wife Wendy, about the Blog I was doing and reversing Diabetes Type 2. She went oh brilliant well done, it’s a good subject to cover with it being at such an epidemic now. Especially in younger people now, bad diets ( junk food ) and lack of exercise!

I genuinely felt embarrassed, as I had forgotten my remarkable wife’s journey too. You see before Wendy & me got wed she also had Diabetes Type 2, as it was being controlled by medication. Wendy was bigger before I first clapped eyes on her in a Pub in Sunderland, many many moons ago….

As our relationship got stronger so did Wendy, all in all this amazing woman lost 5 1/2 stone in weight with Weight Watchers. In the process of well and truly kicking the shite out of Diabetes Type 2. Reversed it before our Wedding in 2006….

Picture above with one of her best friends Rachel on holiday ( Wendy on the right ). This wasn’t Wendy at her biggest it was about 5 years before we even met. The picture of Wendy at her largest is somewhere between the loft & storage it’s not on digital format ( Social Media didn’t exist then ).

Wendy is now a mum to our soon to be 10yr old son wee Jake, running a successful 40yr old family business almost single handedly at times! Tomorrow I will ask her if the discipline and commitment to lose so much weight has paid off? Would her dreams of being married and a family come true, if she hadn’t I wonder!

You see ladies & gentlemen Supermen or Superwomen aren’t found in glossy magazines covers. They’re often around us daily and we forget to see it….

This picture was our Wedding Day obviously 🙄, two years on almost from when we first met. Now you can see the ” transformation ” from before, that’s what can happen when a woman puts her mind to a task at hand…

Almost 13 years coming up to our Anniversary, two arthritic knees the age of a 67 year old ( Wendy is 43 ). That was about 4 years back ( quality of life doesn’t come into it ) regardless of this, she walks the best she can. Since having her knee problems, Wendy found out it hard to maintain her weight as before.

Only recently Wendy lost 2 stone in weight by sheer hard will, and sticking to her diet coupled with some Static Bike exercises. Even tonight as I’ve edited the Blog for the last time, Wendy was exercising on her static bike. You know what she is still Diabetes Type 2 free….

Do I believe in Superheroes? Yes I married one….

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration all around… Diabetes Type 2 beat and 5 stone lost…

  1. Wow Billy what a hero Wendy is to beat Diabetes 2 – I have been down that road as well but its a good feeling when you have a win over Diabetes 2 was told by my Doctor that he did not think I could beat Diabetes 2 because of my age but I have and happy about it and well done Wendy all the best


    1. Thank you Ray, it was while doing your Blog that I remembered my wife having it at one stage too.. So we had to run a Blog on both of you, looking forward to putting your journey up live next wk…


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