Look in the Mirror – that’s your Competition!

Hey Everyone!

Ness here. At FitnessMometum45, we’re all about supporting ordinary people who do extra-ordinary things, and inspire and motivate others. However, we also believe that EVERYONE has this ability within them.

When you hear people say that running is 90% mental, and 10% physical, believe them.

I’d like to discuss confidence in this post, and I’d like anyone struggling to believe in their own ability to take on a challenge to read on. Or if you know of someone who needs a boost, hopefully this might help.

In my years coaching runners and PT clients, I have noticed that women in particular have less confidence in themselves than men do (not all, I might add though). In fact you may have heard of the HBR stat where men apply for jobs when they meet 60% of the criteria, whereas women will only apply if they meet 100% of the criteria.

Seriously, we need to back ourselves more! (Makes me think of Brad Pitt in Snatch “We’d been tucked up, while he’s been cleaning up.”)

Take Jasmin Paris (follow her here on Twitter) as a recent positive example of why we need to back ourselves more. She recently won one of the hardest endurance races in the world – The Spine Race. She didn’t just win it – she smashed 12 hours off the course record, which was previously held by a man. Oh and she was expressing at the checkpoints for her 14 month old. Frigging amazing. Her achievement is what FM45 is all about, and this means that you are along for the ride too – who can you inspire??

This got me wondering about what the factors were that helped her beat so many men – what tipped the balance, apart from the (reasonably) well-known fact that women are generally pretty good at endurance events? Have a look at this article in the FT about why Women are outperforming men. Could it be things like not winging it, and actually preparing for every eventuality – right down to things like packing and re-packing bags in such a way that cold hands don’t hold you up? The running equivalent of RTFM….. The article is fairly clear that psychology plays a major role in the differences between genders, so I say that we should use this to our advantage.

Not only did Jasmin back herself to take on such a feat, but she also played to her own strengths of organisation, preparation, and mental toughness – all of these are things women have in spades. Be proud.

When it comes to fitness, our heads can be our own worst enemies. How many times have you delayed going back to the gym or back to running, or whatever your thing is, just because you’re worried that you won’t be as good as you used to be…..??

I often have to have a word with myself… “….just get out there and run, Ness!” ……glad no-one can hear me talking to myself ha ha!

My point is, that our journey is our journey, and our confidence levels should not be affected by the little devil on our shoulders, or by what others think – or more importantly by what we think they think. Trust me when I tell you, that everyone has their own stuff going on, and I doubt very much that they are thinking about other people – ie us.

They’re definitely not noticing that your tshirt doesn’t match your trainers – honestly they’re thinking about their own journey. We should be too – 100% focused on our end goal.

Here’s a handy check list for when you’re having a little argument with yourself:

  • Will it take you one step closer to your goal? – Yes
  • Does your tshirt match your trainers? – Who cares.
  • Is there someone less fit than you training harder than you? – Oh yes!
  • Will you be as fast as last time? – Every training session counts.
  • Are you going to die? – Probably not.
  • Will you regret the workout afterwards? – Never.

Channel your inner Brad Pitt – back yourself, and get out there! The only competition you have – is you.

Here’s your call to action – my challenge to you.

I would dearly love to see more women on the course at the Paras10 in May. It’s 10 miles (not 10 kilometres) and you can run or tab it depending on your fitness levels.

You can win a 10% discount off your entry fee by liking, commenting on, or sharing this post on Facebook. (The most entertaining comments will find themselves further up the list) 10 codes are up for grabs! Happy training!

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