Wolf Pack Barbell

Who are Wolf Pack Barbell and where are they from??

Furthermore how and why they’ve inspired some of my own journey recently in fitness.

So Bam how long have you been running the Wolf Pack?

Wolf Pack became an official affiliated club at the start of this year. We have been competing in competition since January. Relatively a fledgling club in the scheme of things, however I have been working with a few athletes for 2 plus years in different capacities…

What made you pick the name Wolf Pack?

If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far ” go with the pack ” Olympic lifting is a very specific sport. It is only you on that platform but it takes a community to get you there and ready: hence the pack…

When and where did you start your fitness journey?

I was a state level Basketball player growing up in the Philippines. Once I left and moved to Australia, I joined the Navy and enjoyed pushing myself to the limit, running, swimming and MMA. I became a CrossFit Coach and that is where I first came across Olympic Weightlifting…

How many Pack members do you have?

At the moment we have more than 20 members.

How many of the Pack compete in Competition?

We have 9 registered athletes in Weightlifting and most of the are active CrossFit competitors.

Bam what’s your goal personally in life and for that of the Wolf Pack??

My personal goal is to be the best father to my daughters, to be someone they look up to in all aspects. My goal is to help as many people as I can on their fitness journey, it doesn’t matter if it’s in Olympic Weightlifting or just fitness in general.

My long term goal for the Pack is to have a Weightlifting Academy that will teach weightlifting primarily and cover strength and conditioning. I want people to see the beauty of the sport as I do.

In addition, I am very new to this sport and to coaching and it’s a very difficult journey, but there is nothing I can’t do especially when there are people beside me that encourage and help me to do my best. I could not do it without them.

I would like to mention that Tara is my partner in this endeavour and without her none of this is possible. She helped me with the barbell club idea and helped me to make it a reality. We are overwhelmed with all the support we are getting from the weightlifting and Crossfit community and we hope that we can give back to them. 

I had come across Wolf Pack Barbell through one of my oldest & best friend‘s wife Paula Robinson.

I follow Paula on Facebook & Instagram, that’s how I’ve witnessed the great work Wolf Pack Barbell are doing. The transformation in Paula’s fitness and physique are amazing in the time scale. Don’t get me wrong Paula has to do the work that’s given her to reap the rewards.

Through Paula I have been able to see Tara and young Noah lift some crazy weights in Competitions. Tara has the Nationals coming up soon and I’m certain she will be an intimidating competitor ( you got this ).

To find the Wolf Pack Barbell links below:



The Wolf Pack den is located in Port Kennedy – Western Australia.

The High Life – my return to Endurance.

Alarm goes off at 03:30 I awaken immediately silencing my phone the house falls back into silence. If it was work I’d batter the snooze button for a while before mentally muttering some obscenity’s but it isn’t.

It was 11:30 before calling it a night after going over the route description and gpx file of the course. Left uphill through style then between a gap on the wall take middle track and so it continued, it helped me sleep because my head was fried from the information it was trying to take in. I laughed to myself thinking pointless exercise really I won’t remember any of it come the morning.

I met Ryk Downes ( Race Director of Punk Panthers Ultras UK ) placing signs across from the Methodist Church in Otley. I introduced myself and he said blimey you’re early Billy! Better early than late I like to know my surroundings a little so I’m not panicking last minute I explained. Ryk kindly gave me directions to Costa as I was in need of a caffeine fix.

After kit list inspection and registration was complete it was time to stretch of my back and hips. I won’t lie even though my Osteo said my back would be good, it was at the back of my mind that it could flare up and possibly be my first ever VW during an event. I made my way to the SP and parked up by this time other competitors were coming in.

A quick race brief by the RD any last minute questions ask now if not have a great race! GO we were off and what a lovely calf and quad warmer to start as we make our ascent up through the Chevin Forest. Even by this early stage I knew this was going to be a little cheeky but I relished the start to be honest. I gained a couple of places going up the first section which made me smile, yet knowing I’d have to throttle it back and have some discipline!

There was a pack at the front which I was in and was feeling very comfortable in my running. I wasn’t getting carried away though as I knew that some would be running the 50km so a little caution was required. One of the leaders had come running back down a hill a little in front of us, a little detour of course which was easy enough done. Gut instinct told me something was wrong I couldn’t see the two runners in front of me. After checking my gpx position we were off route ever so slightly and pointed to where we should be going.

I had a chat with a female runner who had recced the route to the first two CP’s and she said going by the tape she’d have kept going on. I explained the two guys in front couldn’t have disappeared that quick as it was open ground in front in the direction we were heading. Amy another runner checked her watch she confirmed my thoughts. This wasn’t to be the only detour of the day.

The female runner who had recced the route said it was a good job I noticed our error. I jokingly said you best stick with me then from CP2 oddly enough she agreed. The route had everything from fields to well worn paths that were easy detected, to some that a Gurkha would struggle to find. This was exactly the test that I needed taking me out of my comfort zone!

It had been over 2yrs since my last Ultra the River Ayr Way ( RAW 40 mile downhill ) a good event. The High Life not only being 10 miles over my furthest distance the elevation was too. Having completed four Fan Dances with AEE and two of their Test Week Marches that gave me the belief I could cope with what comes. One of the CP’s was at the bottom of very steep decline yep you guessed it straight back up. I laughed out loud thinking this RD is a sadistic so and so.

It was on that climb back up from Skipton CP I felt really comfortable with any of the elevation I had encountered to date. I had taken 1 ibuprofen and 1 paracetamol at that point my left ankle had given me grief from mile 4. I had hoped it would run itself off I was telling my new found running partner. It was after that CP I said that she could be first female back in the 80km to which she laughed then I reminded her it was only 50km females in front of us so far. Deep down I was determined to make that happen even more so as the race continued.

On top of the moor on our way to the last big CP for us at Timble I went man down. Taking a bit of knock on my right side but managed to get up pretty quickly to continue running. Are you ok Billy? Yes I’m good thanks! It looked a pretty heavy fall from her view point she told me. I was even more embarrassed by this remark, it had aggravated my left ankle badly I found out pretty soon after. We arrived into Timble at a decent time and I saw guy enjoying his pint – I jokingly said I’d mug someone for a pint right now! True Yorkshire man style not bloody my pint you ain’t as his friend laughed.

We checked if anymore female runners in the 80km heat had come through and no was the reply. I battered the water melon and orange into me like no tomorrow followed by more ibuprofen and paracetamol. William one of the 105km runners rocked up straight after us we had exchanged some good banter early on in the race. He was of a man on a mission we followed soon after and what followed was arguably the worst detours taken in the entire race!

That wooded area still haunts me it was one detour after another. This way no that way it continued until for the first time we checked the route description ( mandatory kit ). Still not any the wiser after a check of that a bit of yellow tape was spotted. We lost sometime in that 10k after Timble but it added to the adventure I said ( trying to kid myself but I was annoyed with me ). Fatigue was my excuse but it was a shit one.

We had one mini CP to reach before the final stretch of our race. I noticed a hill and went we’re defo going to be going up that it’s a given. Checked in at base of hill and up we went on our merry way. I had been struggling with a bad stomach cramp and now a heat spot on my left foot. I was determined to end the game along with my running pal. The last 6.2 mile was nothing short of mental from being chased by dogs, another detour the biggest one, a massive bull with his herd under a rail bridge ( we had to get through btw ). Rolling under an electric to fence, to then me having to insist it was over the bridge we went not across it…..

There it was the Finish Line….

Summary : mixed terrain of trail road and path.

Navigation : be prepared and be on top of your game.

Difficulty : hard enough.

Experience : bonkers.

Ohh yes she made first female back in 80km distance! Both of us finished joint 3rd in that heat.



Seek out your comfort zone!

Important: Race Marshall’s stepped up to the plate 24hrs before the event – due to call offs. Utmost respect thank you guys & girls without you no Race!

Fellow competitors the cleanest event I have ever taken part in – no gel wrappers – no energy bar wrappers – no plastic bottles discarded ✅🌿

Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon…

Well I can honestly say with hand on heart I never would’ve dreamed of doing this event as it wasn’t on my event calendar period. My return to doing endurance events had been something I didn’t want to overdo ( life never goes to plan ).

Being brutally honest I would never have put a half marathon on my calendar it’s a personal thing. My phone pinged a notification in messenger from a good friend and tremendous athlete John Hunter. I’m up your neck of the woods on the 12th of May for the Sunderland Half Marathon if you fancy it?

Straight away I knew it was the week before my first event back at Paras’10 Colchester. John said he understood if it was too close for me and being a bit unplanned and all. I explained to my wife I had to do this as I owe the man so much for all his support in the past. We share a unique bond after all plus a mutual respect for one and other so why not!

I notified John to say I had registered and would gladly be joining him at the Start Line. Quick as a flash he replied you fancy doing it with weight ( Daysack 35lbs ) ? Spraying my coffee in laughter as I should’ve really expected it in all truth as that’s what he does.

What a day for it the weather gods were on form as the sun was shining on the righteous once more. A guy coming to support his wife asked if he could lift Johns daysack and then asked why do it? It’s just a test John replies it’s never easy that’s why. After about 10 mins at the race village with me arsing about with my race number we were good to go.

The obligatory live video and selfie with John then it was a go the horn sounded. Have to admit I was envious of Johns combat shorts as I was melting in my trousers ( sneaky bugger ). 5 miles in the bag and our time was good I shouldn’t even been thinking of a time I laughed to myself.

When the gentleman we were talking too asked what time we were looking for – John quick as a flash sub 2hrs eh Billy?! I can honestly say I wasn’t after a time just repaying a favour, but being in Johns company is sometimes magical if not a little crazy! It was red hot by now and I was pouring the water over my baldy “napper”.

The marshals and support were amazing and some good craic with fellow competitors too all before halfway point. John and myself both agreed this was a cracking Half Marathon by this time, funny we reminisced about Kielder Marathon run by the same Company.

We got the usual banter is that pillows in your bags lads or cotton wool as we went past – me no it’s marshmallows. I told John there’s no way I could’ve done it with boots as it was all road. As we’re both getting a little balder and wiser too ( supposedly ) it’s just too much stress on our body’s.

Some fun moments it has to be said even though by mile 10 my right knee was starting to protest a little. Millie Johns daughter had phoned so we had a good talk about technology and face timing of all things. John told me he picked Sunderland because his parents are from the area originally. Even I was seeing new bits of Sunderland after living in the North for 14 years.

By 12 mile both of us were starting to feel the affects of the heat and weight our pace had slowed but I knew we’d make it. My back was in a rag with friction burns of the daysack not so much fun now eh dickhead I was telling myself. That said I picked up the pace the best I could muster as I wanted the weight off. We mustered a sprint finish to complete in under the 2 hrs target time. Still life in us old dogs yet John said with a smile.

It was rather humbling for a Padre from Catterick Garrison asking us both if we’d get our photos taken with him – we gladly said yes. We even managed to get interviewed at the end by a lovely young lady in the race village. I was creased remembering the last time John was interviewed before Tabbing Kielder – my PA role I quickly reminded him hahaha..

Would I recommend Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon? Yes without a doubt both great support amazing race marshals and a cheeky route too verdict 8-10.

I can only promote events I have personally completed and enjoyed. Please find links below:



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Paras’10 Colchester

Intro: Tactical Advance to Battle ( TAB ) it’s a military term used for marching at speed across ground with a load. You also have YOMP ( your own marching pace ).

I’ve finally got round to doing this ( my mind has been elsewhere) jotting my thoughts down on “Colly” as it’s called. This being my first time in meeting Ness and doing an event together, and also my first time in doing Colly. Here’s my view on the event and the people who take part in them…..

My first time at Colchester it looked nice from what I saw of it from my drivers seat. This wasn’t a sight seeing tour I reminded myself making my way to the makeshift Car Park for entrants. Having arrived by 06:30 I had plenty of time to take in my surroundings as a couple of tents were all ready up.

Meeting Ness and finally being able to give the woman a huge hug was worth the drive down on it’s own. You see Ness had been Coaching me with my recovery from a hernia op back to full fitness. This was supposed to be my first event back and used as a recovery ( benchmark only ) but such was the extent of Ness’s well planned sessions I was ahead of schedule. Having taken part in the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon the week before which wasn’t planned in my calendar at all ( a review on that to follow).

Ness had asked me if I’d be happy to TAB the course with her a couple of month beforehand. I happily agreed and said yes under the instruction that we both gave it our best shot. After registration and adding Rosie Ness’s lovely Alsatian we made our way to the Start area. It was starting to rise in temperature you could tell it was going to be a hot one!

The horn sounded as we slowly made our way through the pack going at a steady pace! Then Ness explained she’d struggle to keep that pace going for the full 10 miles. I joking went Ness we’ve only just completed the first mile, we’re just getting warmed up. We had joked that I would beast her round with a wooden spoon to get her personal best time beforehand. Trust me I had tried but Ness knew her own body and what she was capable off so we struck a deal.

So we TABBED a distance then walked a distance a bit like fartlek training in running almost. Ness had explained to me this is how she’d been training for it which had been working for her. I was taking in my surroundings in Friday Woods it would be a lovely place to go for run I said to Ness. The sun shine coming trough the tress and hitting the ground it was almost magical. Then the first water obstacle arrived the swamp first little section done second part I was on my arse like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! Ness was creased with laughter I wish I had my phone to picture this she cried.

As we continued I was looking at my Garmin and giving Ness a fix on the time! It was red hot by now and more than 5 miles in we decided to have a little fun in the way of water fights. I explained to Ness don’t stress about the PB if you get it you get if it not enjoy it. Ness said she appreciated the fact I was going round with her and Rosie who was an absolute star by the way.

The Paras were really putting on a show with smoke grenades and machine gun fire to make it seem more realistic ( I can honestly say no cardboard cutouts of Jeremy Corbyn were being used ). I suppose if you’re struggling by this point it helps distract your mind from telling your body that you’re feeling it and want to bin it. I did find it rather amusing when a unit of a Para screams get a fucking move on son in a fine Scottish tone!

I laughed as I’d met him earlier and he gave me a friendly nod in appreciation. You see these guys do this day in day out as part of their training to get their wings. So when they see civis like us willing to do it they appreciate everyone’s efforts on the day. We arrived at our very last water obstacle that held us back a fair bit time wise, but it’s where I saw Ness even the score by falling in the burn!

I could see the heat was having it’s toll on Ness but she still kept going forwards. Having told me she’d been unwell for a little while her training had been affected by this. I really wanted to get Ness her PB as I had helped someone before get theirs at Catterick a few years before. Looking at my watch it wasn’t going to be that was ok as Ness wasn’t stopping. By now the heat was at it’s highest, I looked at Ness and reminded her that she was still passing younger guy’s who’d started before us…

I explained my reasoning for starting where we did in the pack at the beginning to Ness by the last mile she knew why. The mental boost it gave Ness for the remainder was evident as she was still picking other’s off in the 300 metres that made me smile. When we crossed the line Ness explained to me why this is her favourite event out of them all regardless of time!

Ness finished 10th female out of her category which was the exact same as the previous year – well done Ness.

I used to enjoy pushing myself to my limit trying to beat a specific time but mostly to beat myself. Ness reminded me there’s more to it than just time’s it’s about having fun a long the way. For that Ness it truly was a pleasure TABBING with you at Colly so thank you!

FitnessMomentum45 will be at Catterick for what will be my last event of the year. It’ll be my fourth event in my first year back after a long absence a lot of that is down too Ness and her planned sessions. So once again I thank you Ness for all you’ve done to help me not just as my PT but as a very good friend.

If like Ness myself and many other’s you’d like to test yourself at an original military themed event then you’ll find the link to Catterick below ( the Land of Nod my favourite).


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Rogue Military Fitness 2

Hi again,

Rogue Military Fitness are starting to build a strong Team of Ambassadors. How many can say they’ve multiple Guinness World Record Book holders to their stable of athletes?!

Rogue Military Fitness have two to there credit, here’s the latest to be added and he’s the epitome of what they’re about. John Hunter to those who don’t know him is simply known as the “Machine”. John like Lewis Russo at Rogue has also broken World Records ( Lewis‘s attempt is still waiting to be confirmed ) , fact he’s done it three times. John had the fastest time of Tabbing a Marathon with 45lbs in a Patrol Pack in a time of 4.10.

Not one to rest on his laurels John has also been a multiple time Coal Carrying World Champion too. John trains 6 days a wk without fail unless on holiday he trims it down to 5. John fits his training in around running his own business as a Builder too.

When Rogue Military Fitness asked me if I knew of anyone who could be an Ambassador for them, well let’s just say John was the very top of that list?! His attitude fits right in with what Rogue Military Fitness are all about. His training regime of early morning runs and body weight exercises combined, keep this man ticking over at 55yrs of age.

Funny enough as I was doing this Blog for Rogue Military Fitness, John had contacted me to asking if I was up for doing the Siglion Sunderland Half Marathon? I checked the date and it was the week before my return to doing Events with Paras’10 at Colchester ( a 2 yr absence from fitness events ). I owed the man and I like his company so I agreed to take part. John was using it as a warm up to his return to Windermere Marathon.

John had only completed this Marathon in 4:06 on Sunday passed, a remarkable time after his calf muscle went after 10 miles in. That’ll teach him to run Sunderland Half Marathon with a 35lbs Daysack on the week before it.

( two legends in one photo )

Rogue Military Fitness are on Facebook and Instagram if you’re looking to get into shape I suggest checking them out.

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Rogue Military Fitness 1


I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this remarkable man at a 24hr WOD Style Fitness Challenge recently at Leuchars Station, his name is Lewis Russo an Ambassador for Rogue Military Fitness.

Lewis a 28 yr old vehicle mechanic by trade with REME and is from Dundee for his sins ( West Coast – East Coast banter ). Lewis is engaged and has a 7 yr old son too. He also likes his motorbikes I noticed. His other passion though is fitness and it’s what he excels at to be honest.

Lewis has aspirations of passing selection for the PTI Corps in September this year. Having become a PTI in 2017 he knows his onions, trust me I’ve witnessed his fitness levels up close to vouch that much. His recovery and strength is phenomenal for someone who looks so slight in build ( never judge a book by it’s cover ).

I asked Lewis about his training regime, sessions and so on. He trains anything from 5-6 days a week, with multiple sessions a day. With 3-4 strength specific sessions hitting the big compound movements. Couple that with conditioning training and flexibility sessions, then you get the idea of just how much he does. Though Lewis is quick to point out the importance of rest.

Lewis is no slouch when it comes to running either as I found out to my peril. I’m not slow by any stretch but boy can he shift through the gears with ease. No wonder as Lewis was the 4th fastest Male in Scotland doing the Tri Services Cross Country Championship, Army, Navy & RAF. Lewis also does some varied Tabbing as past of his aerobic training ( Tabbing is a military term used for covering ground at speed with their kit during deployment).

Lewis was part of 4 man Team that won the Balmoral Challenge Event. A nav race that covered over 30km and 3 Munro’s carrying kit in under 5 hrs, that’s impressive timings in anyone’s book. I asked Lewis if he had other activities that he does, he laughed and said yes. He has been a ski instructor since 2018 and taught over 20 people to ski so far.

Having also competed in his Battalions Ski Racing Team the last 2 years at Divisional and Corps Championships. It’s with his love for skiing and with long time friend they both attempted the Guinness World Record for downhill skiing, completing the longest distance in 8hrs on the slopes. There attempt is waiting to be confirmed by Guinness World Record Association.

Having served two tours of Afghan, Lewis has also been to Kenya, Somalia and Nepal too.

I can honestly say Lewis is a credit to what Rogue Military Fitness stands for, their motto simply being – Fitter Faster Stronger! He’s also a credit to British Armed Forces and his regiment Close Support 2nd Battalion REME.

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Fitter Faster Stronger

Well it’s Mother’s Day and I have completed my mornings tab in preparation for the Paras10 in May. When I started getting back into fitness for the betterment of my own mental health, I joined Instagram for some inspiration. Rogue Military Fitness appeared on my phone so I gave them a follow…

This Blog is about a 24hr Fitness Challenge set up by the Crew at RMF, also why the Challenge was born. I will be interviewing Jacko and his Team of Rogues, while also taking part in the Challenge. I was kindly invited up by Jacko as he understands what I am trying to achieve at FitnessMomentum45. Rogue Military Fitness is the brainchild of Cpl Jackson a PT Instructor with 2 CS Bn REME ( Close Support Battalion REME )

Well I best get some sleep it’s a three and half hr drive to Leuchars Camp, Lochgelly, Fife ( no chance of sleep tbh ). Bags almost packed so let’s see how the next 30 odd hrs go with very little sleep. That’s me landed at Leuchars Station at 04:10 I must get an hrs kip, I was up at 07:00 yesterday ( hand on face ) talk about making my job harder..

A Team – Cfn Whitehouse 1st from Left – Cpl Jackson ( Rogue Military Fitness ) 4th from right – myself 5th from right ( cream ) – LCpl Earnshaw 3rd from left / LCpl Russo 2nd from left ( switched Team midway through – unforeseen circumstances)…. Team B – Cfn Winskill 1st on right – Cpl Speirs 2nd from right – Cfn Knowles 3rd from right – Pre Taylor 4th from left ( withdrawal )…. Admin/Timings and massage duty was LCpl Thorne ( sporting one quality tash too ).

I introduced myself to the Group of Rogues and explained what FitnessMomentum45 was all about, promoting fitness and the benefits for mental health. I was soon made very welcome and the nerves I felt quickly dispersed. One great thing about us British is our sense of humour, at ripping the back out of each other, Military humour is on another level of funny!

Cpl ( Jacko ) Jackson started Rogue Military Fitness while on exercise in Norway October 2018. LCpl Earnshaw ( Mollie youngest member doing the Challenge at 19yr old ) started going to the early morning sessions run by Jacko, I asked what made her do them? Mollie explained to me it helps keep her fit, the second reason is the most important one for doing any activity, it’s a good routine to get into ( mind ). Routine becomes habit like making your bed. While out running in the first round of 3 Mollie told me she doesn’t like running much as an activity ( remember this )!

The first 3 rounds of the Challenge were a mind blowing, pardon my language here, it was fucking horrific! I’m no slouch at running but Jacko was away like a dog out of a trapped end. Pity his counting laps isn’t as quick as his running pace ( good admin by LCpl Thorne ) sent him out for lap 5. LCpl Russo another Jock like myself were ripping him royally straight off the bat…

The objective was to complete the following reps during rounds of 3 – each round starting on the hr every hr – 5 laps = 1 mile – 50 pull ups – 100 press ups – 150 crunches – 200 squats – 1 mile. So the quicker you finished the more rest you got, flip-side of that coin was that you’d be blowing out your arse sharpish….

While having our downtime between rounds I asked Jacko why make this Challenge up? His reply was an honest one to help raise funds for a Military Charity called Veterans Garage in Manchester. Jacko is a proud Northern lad from Salford in Greater Manchester so it makes sense. I suppose it felt like his duty to help those who help other’s during hard times. Leaving any employment after a lengthy time is stressful to say the least, from the Armed Forces it’s twice as hard believe it or not. A short video by Veterans Garage founder Jay : https://youtu.be/katCCzbFyw

Having suffered myself with my own Mental Health late last year, the pride and being a man part really hit home for me. If ever there was a reason for going that extra rep, that extra mile during the Challenge then that was why…

Our last 3 rounds started at 01:00 on the 2nd of April, bodies strewn in the massive Gym hall on mats, Team B having just completed their 3rd out of 4th lots of 3 rounds. Everyone to a man and woman was in absolute tatters, you couldn’t really sleep much as muscles would cramp up. Turning sides on the camp beds was like pouring salt on a wound. Trying to get food onboard during this was even hard, my body was rejecting it yet still trying to force myself to eat something. Calories expended during this was around the 9000 mark I have been kindly informed.

Team A – Team B did something special that April Fools Day, it was no joke that Challenge. With good people, humour and teamwork a quality polished in our Armed Forces. They stepped up and completed their objective to the letter. LCpl Earnshaw was my biggest inspiration during this, at 19 she had completed a Marathon distance of 26.4 miles ( remember not liking running ).

The quickest time by the guests involved was by the Adjutant in a very respectable 31.40 minutes.

Would I do it again?


A massive thank you to Cpl Jackson for the invite to take part in such a monumental Challenge. To all staff at CS 2nd Bn REME your support and friendliness will never be forgotten thank you.

A special shout out to LCpl Russo for taking part in and smashing the Guinness World Record Ski distance in 8hrs. Not happy with that he then took part in this 24hr Challenge – still not to be outdone he recorded the fastest round time 27.22 minutes. My utmost respects LCpl Russo. Below link for 2 CS 2nd Bn REME


Please find the link for Cpl Jackson’s Just Giving Page – any help at all would be greatly appreciated thank you.


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